It’s our Mission:  For every Go Vietnam Adventure to have a positive impact on the destination.

Every year, we have 70+ tours that take hundreds of guests to remote corners of Vietnam and Laos. With this, there’s potential to either do a lot of damage or to do a lot of good in the countries we travel through. We made the decision a long time ago to do good with this business… After all, if every one of our tours does some good, even if just a little, that’s going to add up to a massive difference over the years!

We’re committed to continually increasing the positive impact we have on the destinations in which we travel.


Since day 1, Go Vietnam Adventures has given back to the community, donating to a local Vietnamese charity, Blue Dragon. As of 2024, we will be donating part profits and raising awareness for other local charities around the world in the countries in which we operate our adventures.


There’s no hiding the fact that riding motorcycles is not the most eco-friendly way to travel, and our guests ride a combined distance of over 1.2 million kilometers on our tours every year! That’s not something we can ignore…

So in a bid to make our operations carbon-neutral.

We ride at a leisurely pace – taking time to stop and take photos, have a drink and hang out with the locals. We create our itineraries to make the most of the day on the bikes. Remember our tours are for travelling and exploring, it’s not a race.


Doing what we do, we see the problems of single-use plastics more than most, from piles of plastic bottles scattered across an otherwise pristine landscape.

Of course, we’ve always cleaned up after ourselves, but a new training initiative for all of our teams is ‘Leave It Better’. So, rather than simply clearing up after ourselves, we’ll pick up an additional bag of litter wherever we stop with our support vehicle (if there’s litter to pick of course!).

We also try to limit our plastic usage wherever possible by providing drinking bottles refilled from a  reusable 19l bottle in the support vehicle


We ALWAYS work with locals, for every single trip and in every one of our destinations. Occasionally, they may only be in the background, but they’ll always be involved in the operation. We also use locally owned accommodations, restaurants, and shops wherever possible.

Ultimately, we believe that trips should benefit the destinations we enjoy riding through, providing employment and other economic benefits for the local communities.